Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Accomplishments are Shared

There are so many accomplishment to be proud of from the last 8 years.
However, these are the successes of many authors - Various Council Members, the Mayor, His administration, the previous Mayor, his administration, professionals and volunteers. Most importantly they are accomplishments are of a community.
Extensive flood mitigation.
Downtown Improvements.
Property maintenance and environmental protections.
New turf fields.
Extensive road paving & improvements
Ordinances that help things like the Farmer’s Market succeed.
Some of the lowest municipal budgets and tax impacts in decades.
Outstanding Township employees that have been hired like the Administrator, our Township Clerk and Deputy Clerk. 
Most amazing of the many successes, The way a community came together to rebound from the devastation of Hurricane Irene. The professionals, the responders, the Council and the Mayor-elect at the time were the right people in place.  Denville had the right leadership and more importantly the unbelievable strength of our residents to rise above the water and rebuild stronger than ever. 
There are two other resources that are products of the outstanding foundation Denville provides. Two accomplishments in progress that I am most thankful for and proud of. They are in the audience this evening. One is 7 years old, Quintin and the other is 2, Zaeger.  My sons who are benefiting from the greatest town to raise a family in, Denville. 
For all their lives they have shared a good amount of their Father’s free time with Denville. Often 3 nights a week Dad was not able to read that bedtime story or join them for family dinner. Their mom, and my wife Wendy, I also thank for being able to wrangle these 2 outstanding maniacs to bed at night alone and supporting me through 8 years.  I believe it was worth it if we were able to keep one less drop of water from flooding our neighborhood, or that kept one more firetruck on our streets, or filled a downtown building with a store to enhance the experience of the best downtown in the county, or helped the best police department in the state stay well equipped and staffed. 
The strong community they are a part of has taught them
⁃ to pick up litter on the street when they see it. - a power promise
⁃ to thank our fireman and our veterans with a handshake
⁃ to respect our flag 
⁃ to help those in need and support Denville’s Social Services
⁃ to continually give back and so much more
While their success is still a work in progress they are joined by many others. The other children of our firefighters, school volunteers, social services workers, other council members (and future ones) and the countless volunteers that help beautify, protect and energize Denville.
They are have been infected with a beautiful contagious virus than runs rampant in this town: The contagion of volunteerism. The spirit has taught us, and teaches them a simple truth in life; As individuals we need certain things to survive, food, water and shelter but most importantly…we need each other. We need a community of people that can tackle challenges stronger together than alone. 
These two little accomplishments, God-willing in making, will be the product of this outstanding community —A result of Denville.
Tonight is my last night in this chair, at this dais, the last time to contribute to tough decision making but I am still excited, invigorated & proud to know this is just the beginning of a long run at still being very much part of this great community.
Thank you Denville for allowing me to represent you the last 8 years, The pleasure and honor has been all mine.
Gene Fitzpatrick
Councilman, Denville