Monday, September 13, 2010

Clearing Up The Misconceptions On Property Maintenance.


Property Maintenance Ordinances, Environmental Ordinances & Renter's Township Ordinances are a very delicate subject for local government. We have to find a balance between protecting our health, property values and environment and the role of government in our lives.

I despite large government. And I do not favor strong Federal Government or State Government mandates. Our local government should be an example of This is why the council is working hard to find the right balance on such ordinances.

I would like to have a framework established this year. We have been working with a recent ordinance which the council unanimously defeated that many felt was too overbearing. While I believe we could have amended many of the objectionable items upon passing it proved to be easier to defeat re-introduce as a new ordinance. We will do that in the coming months.

I hope you'll continue to be part of the conversation. Whatever we settle on will be governed locally by your local officials and local residents. Ultimately, we are a small community of neighbors that needs to be involved in this process.