Thursday, May 25, 2017

Strongly Supporting Jack Ciattarelli for Governor

Candidate for NJ Governor, Jack Ciattarelli

I couldn't imagine who would ever want to be New Jersey's next governor.  Our state is in such a terrible mess -enormous property taxes,  insane state school funding formulas, a State pension fund so deep in the hole that 3 former governors at a League of Municipalities Conference recently agreed they wouldn't even know where to being in order to fix it.   However,  I'm very impressed with a candidate who has a plan and gives real answers to question vs. the same older political rhetoric.  That candidate is Jack Ciattarelli, he's a businessman and resident first, before politics.

I've never been one to shy away from disagreeing with my own political party but I believe Jack Ciattarelli is the best person to lead the state.  The Primary selection for Governor should not be a coronation of an establishment's candidate that automatically assumes the nomination.  It should be a contest and debate. In those debates Jack has demonstrated himself to be the better candidate.   Here are the reasons why I'm supporting Jack Ciattarelli in the June 6th primary.

SCHOOL FUNDING -  Finally someone is admitting why our property taxes are so out of control and has a plan to fix it.  The way the State funds our schools is all out of wack.  Jack is pointing this out and vowing to change that formula.  He acknowledges it will take bipartisan work in the legislature but already knows which Democratic Assemblypersons and Senators are open to support it.  There is no reason why residents of Denville should be paying leagues more money for their schools than affluent property owners in Hoboken or Jersey City.  We need a new fair funding formula.

TERM LIMTED - I enthusiastically applaud how Jack has term-limited himself in every political position he's had.  He believes politicians must NOT be a permanent part of a political machine.   Jack is a business owner and resident first. He is not tied to a political establishment.

BENEFITS REFORM - I point blank asked Jack how'd he accomplish this with a Legislature that is in the pockets of big unions.  He has a plan.  Jack knows he can lead support for school funding reform with key bipartisan support in suburban counties. Once that success is achieved he can leverage that equity for State benefits reform.  All the stakeholders have to come together instead of the mudslinging and name-calling that has been happening for the last 8 years.  It's time for a new and fair approach on both sides of the issue.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING -   It's a simple plan, get it out of the courts and back to the legislature. As Governor, Jack will appoint a fair council that will be committed to getting something done instead of being deadlocked in political stalemate.  I'm proud of my political party but we need to put the state first over political parties and work across the aisle.

THE DMV - Finally a NJ political figure is pointing out how inefficient the DMV is and wants to fix it.

HE CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER- NJ voters lean heavy Democrat and the actions of this last administration and the National Republican Party over the last few years have nearly destroyed the party in NJ.   Jack is putting NJ first and is the only one who has smart sound ideas that both Republicans and Democrats can agree with.  We need to fix the the states finances ASAP and there is a way to do it without massive tax increases.  Let's fix the wasteful inefficient state government.

Ciattarreli's opponent Kim Gaudagno is a nice individual. I am grateful for the support she has shown Denville, but it's time for change.  The accusations against Jack from her campaign are wrong.  He is not looking to raise taxes, instead he is actually giving voters an honest and complete plan about how he will fix this economically dying state.  I much rather a candidate that gives details instead of quick marketing tricks and sound bytes.  Vote Jack Ciattarelli June 6th.  He's a really impressive guy and the only hope we have to save NJ.

Jack recently outlining some of his plan for