Thursday, October 23, 2014

Traffic on Route 53


Traffic is always a problem.  It's one of the most common issues brought to my attention in Denville. Naturally, as our population grows, we have more people traveling through our town.  You may have noticed an increase in traffic on Route 53 northbound in the early commuting hours.  I have.  I sit in it everyday.  It is awful.

This is most likely due to the increased and endless construction on Route 80 and Route 287.  However, Route 53 is a State road so any traffic remediation would have to come from them. Traffic studies would be performed by them as well.  Denville has requested studies along Route 53 but these were mostly towards the Morris County VoTech.


In response to a few comments regarding the intersection of Route 53 and Indian Road I have asked Denville's Administration to mention the issues to our contacts at the Department of Transportation.  As well,  I asked that the Denville PD keep a monitor on the "gridlock" that has been occurring.  Perhaps the State could simply add a "Don't block the box" sign along Route 53.   I also encourage residents to reach out to their State Representatives, Assemblyman Bucco and Senator Bucco.  They have always been extremely helpful in representing Denville's concerns.  The more avenues we approach about this situation the better.  The Township and residents will see better results if all of us reach out through our various means and channels.


As far as the rest of Route 53, there may be traffic challenges ahead.  There are properties that will be sold, occupied and rented that may increase or decrease traffic.  We are unable to forbid existing structures from occupying or even developing at certain locations that are already planned and designated for use.  There will be an additional development by the Denville Train Station where the abandoned cardboard factory once was.  But traffic studies and modifications were required and we can not cease a property owner from selling a property designated for use to a buyer to occupy.  I personally think a residential property at the factory was a much better option than it becoming another operational industrial building flooding our town with outsider commuter traffic that often has little regard for a neighborhood they don't live in. (I will outline that in a separate entry on this site)

As well, I'm sure there are developer's and investor's proposals with potential plans for various spots on Route 53, as there are for most roads.  That's business.  However, that does not mean that just because a developer has an idea for something along that road it will ever happen.  To immediately dispel a rumor, there is nothing officially proceeding via Denville's government for the old Redmond Press location !  As with any available property, I'm sure there are plenty of people with plans but nothing has gotten to the Town Council, Planning Board or Board of Adjustment. Be cautious of rumors based on hearsay.  No need to create unnecessary hysteria :)  I'll continue to keep everyone updated about Route 53 on this site and Facebook  and Twitter.