Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Downtown Improvements

I recently met with Mayor Tom Andes regarding the status of downtown improvements.  Denville has a great opportunity to take advantage of recently awarded grant money to make improvements to our downtown district.

I am so excited about this prospect.  The Downtown Economic Advisory Committee has agreed on a recommendation for Phase 1 of improvements that include new period-style light fixtures, sound improvements, landscape improvements, the addition of brick pavers on much of the sidewalks and more.  As Council President, I agreed to make every effort to have this plan brought before the Town Council by our regular council meeting in July.  Provided the Administration is able to finalize their presentation and recommendation, it should not be a problem to move this along quickly.

There are also several grants identified in upcoming years that can help fund further phases of the project.  We expect this may be a 10 year complete project but hopefully Phase 1 can begin by next year.  Phase 1 would focus along Broadway from Diamond Spring Road to First Avenue.

This plan will be a tremendous asset to our Downtown District and undoubtedly solidify Denville's reputation as the best downtown district in our area.