Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's Going Along Route 53? (Where the old Second Half Restaurant Was?)

Some residents have been wondering what is being built on the lot, along Route 53, where the old Second Half Restaurant used to be? That will soon become a Picatinny Federal Credit Union. Some people are often disappointed when seeing so many banks around town. However, something to keep in mind; Federal Credit Unions are extremely important in these tough financial times. Many financial experts recommend Federal Credit Unions over Banks. Denville residents haven't had many options for Federal Credit Unions in the past so it is an important business to have located in town. As well. if another business such as a restaurant or shopping location were built in that location instead, Denville's resources would have been affected. Another type of business may require more work from our Police Department, Municipal Offices, Fire, First Aid and more. All of which can impact property taxes.

The Planning Board asked for many considerations from Picatinny before approving their site plan. These included; assistance in drainage on that property, a pedestrian sidewalk and aesthetic suggestions. All those were agreed upon and I believe the many residents that came out to the hearings will be pleased with the result. The Federal Credit Union will be; a good ratable to Denville, an important resource for residents and low maintenance to our municipal infrastructure.